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LAK has actually become a family to me now

Nilasha D. - LAK Lvl. 2 Student - 4th Semester, 2022

LAK has actually become a family to me now.

I really enjoy my time with my classmates and specially my teacher Inae. She is not just a wonderful, hardworking teacher but also a beautiful person inside out. This journey with LAK is a gem that I will treasure in my heart forever. I wish all the best to Teacher Inae and to all the students. Thank you for having me in your class saem Inae. Love you all.

Nilasha D. - LAK Lvl. 1 Student - 2nd Semester, 2022

Learning Korean has been a dream and here in LAK, teacher Inae helped me to fulfil my dream. I loved the way Inae conducts the classes, it is not stressful or super serious. I always look forward for the classes cause it is so much fun to learn something new without worrying about failures. She is full of appreciation and encourages each and every student in class. This helps to build confidence and willingness to learn more. I am happy that I found LAK and became a part of it.

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