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I made amazing friends during and we have supported each other!

Kawthar - LAK Lvl. 2 Student - 4th Semester, 2022

My experience in LAK class was excellent, this is my second class and I enjoyed it as much I did in the previous one. Despite all the hustle in my life during the time taking this class, I found comfort and great understanding in this hour of learning Korean.

I made amazing friends during and we have supported each other while learning.

Our teacher was professional, considerate and amazing. I am really excited for the next course and to get better in Korean.

Kawthar - LAK Lvl. 1 Student - 3rd Semester, 2022

When I started to learn Korean I said that NO Way i will be able to read or understand the language. But after a couple of classes with Inae, it felt possible to master it. Her classes were fun and relaxed, she was professional in making us feel comfortable and not afraid of making mistakes.

I liked her way in providing the information with ease and clarity that we understand the logic behind it not only memories. The atmosphere of the class were encouraging me to come everyday and not miss any lecture. I am grateful for this experience and looking forward to it.

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