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Inae creates a safe space to ask questions

Updated: Mar 14

Mindy B. - LAK Lvl. 1 Student - 4th Semester, 2022

Loved this class!

There are so many things to comment on. Inae creates a safe space to ask questions and learn the language without feeling dumb. The material is presented well and at good pace. She excels at teaching adult students in a logical way and uses different aspects of Korean culture that students are interested in (K-pop, drama etc) to make the class really fun.

I am often very busy at work and even when I had to miss class, I could catch myself up and stay at the same pace as everyone else. I also did not feel embarrassed if I couldn’t make it. Inae provides feedback and corrections on homework so I know I understand and is very accessible for questions. I never felt lost and I know if I did that I could reach out and she would help me.

The padlet materials are awesome. So much material to study and practice with and I would re-watch the classes to reinforce what I learned. 1000x better than trying to learn by a book or an app.

Things that we learned are basic conversational necessities as opposed to learned a lot of things that I would never use when speaking to someone in Korean. I now understand a lot more when I watch Korean drama and that is super fun because I can see how the subtitles in English don’t always translate well (and I correct them in my head and are proud of that.).

The cost for what is offered is phenomenal on early bird special and removes the financial barrier for many people that want to learn the language or try it out.

I love that I can read and I am more excited now to keep learning the language because those LAK level 4 students are so inspiring that I want to be them one day! I know I can do it with Inae’s classes and if I continue to practice well.

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