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I highly recommend Teacher Inae's Like a Korean classes.

Updated: Mar 14

Tony W. - LAK Lvl. 1 Student, 4th Semester, 2022

Anyone looking to learn how to speak and write Korean should start or continue their education with Like a Korean's online classes.

Our Level 1 beginners' class just ended, and what we learned in eight weeks is incredible. We learned several things from a ton of vocabulary, self-introduction and time-telling to sentence construction and basic Korean grammar rules.

I already feel confident I could start a conversation, order in a restaurant and talk about my family and job. The learning environment is educational, interactive and fun. There was a lot of talking and laughter during our three-times-a-week classes. Teacher Inae Kim, the CEO who founded Like a Korean, is an ideal person from whom to learn. Her teaching style resonates with students right away because she is friendly, engaging andhelpful. She is available between classes to answer questions and offer help. She also understands that students, especially new ones, will make mistakes, and she encourages them to learn from them.

My Learn a Korean classes quickly became something I looked forward to, and I am happy that a new semester starts very soon. I highly recommend Teacher Inae's Like a Korean classes.

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