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Teacher Inae

Inae | LIke a Korean

Inae Kim

Founder & CEO


My name is Inae Kim, and I am excited to introduce

myself to you as a passionate and experienced Korean language teacher.


I'm Inae Kim, an experienced Korean language teacher. I started teaching Korean in 2007 while living in China and fell in love with it. I decided to become a Korean teacher and obtained a certificate. I pursued graduate studies in Korean language education and gained scholarships every semester. Teaching over 4,500 hours in the past decade, I have students worldwide. I've lived in different countries, fostering an appreciation for diverse cultures. Some students have become fluent in Korean, even mistaken for native speakers. I have received awards and a commendation from the Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. My book on Korean language education is well-regarded. I created an Instagram account to assist more people, interacting with over 118K followers. I'm passionate about teaching Korean language and culture, eager to help you in your learning journey. Feel free to reach out for any inquiries or to join my classes.


 Teaching & Work Experience

  • MA, Korean Language Education as a Foreign Language(KFL)

  • Commendation from the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism

  • Awarded from the Chairman, King Sejong Institute Foundation

  • Author of <Practical Korean for Tourism and Hospitality>

  • Kyonggi University, Suwon 
  • Freelance Content Writer, TTMIK
  • Jpark Island Resort, Cebu
  • Quest Hotel, Cebu
  • KEPCO SPC. Power Plant, Cebu
  • HUTECH University, HCM city
  • Van Lang Saigon College, HCM city
  • Yuseong SWC, Daejeon

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Inae | Like a Korean
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